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Poem to Donovan

We waited so long for you,
even though doctors told us there wasn't a chance,
you were very strong and held on,
we know that you did that for us, and we thank you.
We listened to your little heart, and
imagined who you would be.
We knew you would be a perfect little playmate
and brother to Tyler.
Somehow, we hoped that you would beat all odds.

On the morning of August 17, 1994, the day you were born,
you became an even bigger part of
our family and our lives.
I heard you cry, I saw you smile, and
I saw you resting peacefully in mommy's arms.
We want you to know, from here on,
that you will always be a part of our family,
you will always be greatly missed,
However, you will NEVER be forgotten.
You will always be with us, and
we will ALWAYS love you.

Mommy, Tyler, and I feel fortunate that
we were able to meet you, but
we are sorry that our relationship
had to be so short.
We just wish that "hello" really did not
have to mean "goodbye."

We love you, Donovan!

Love, Daddy


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